Kleine fles Italiaanse witte wijn


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Kleine fles Italiaanse witte wijn uit Italië. Deze halve fles wijn is heel erg lekker bij een goed bord pasta of een lekkere risotto.


Me and my wife Giulia are the owners of Colle Jano farm and our goal is to work
                  towards zero impact agriculture while preserving historical vines. Like Janus, the 
                  double faced Roman god from where we get inspiration, we seek to respect the 
                   past whilst facing the future and applying the most environmentally sustainable 
                   practices in the field of agriculture.
Before getting to know each other, me and Giulia have lived and worked in Holland, Canada and India in the field of environmental research and social assistance. 

By looking at Italy from the outside, we started to understand the real italian soul and our innate capability of creating worldwide recognized excellences by mixing innovation, tradition and creativity, and generating beauty in absolute harmony with the territory.

In 2016, driven by our passions, we bought a farm estate with 2 hectares of a historic vineyard in Cupramontana municipality, the heart of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi region.    
Despite of the degraded state of our 54 years old vineyard, we believed on its recovery and implemented regenerative pruning and soil management methods.We now have a healthy, rare and organic vineyard with ancient varieties of Verdicchio grape, which is ennobled through a natural vinification.

Moreover, we decided to replicate the genetics of our historic vines into a new hectare vineyard that we planted in our property.
As for the agronomic approach, we have drastically reduced the amount of copper and sulphur based organic fungicides and substituted them with alternative natural products such as propolis from our apiary, beneficial bacteria formulas added to soil and leaf surface, and essential oils extracted from thyme.

When it comes to the winemaking, we carry out temperature controlled
spontaneous fermentations with wild yeast and we implement enological expedients which lead us to minimize the amount of added sulfites and other additives.

So far we came out with two labels of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi: Jano and Titillio.

As for Verdicchio Jano, we collect grapes in one batch of 7500 Kg and we press it using a horizontal soft press of equal capacity, allowing us to collect a 55-60% free-run-must. 5000 bottles produced.  (You can check our web site for more informations about Verdicchio Jano winemaking process). 

As for Titillo, it is our new entry that we decided to produce it in small quantities by using a very conservative enological technique.
Grapes are collected both from from our youngest and oldest wine yards. Grape picking occurred from September 2nd to mid-October, allowing us to collect in cassettes grapes at a progressive level of maturation. The very small batches of grapes (350Kg) that were collected day after day, had been pressed using a small wooden vertical soft press. We carried out wilde-yeast fermentation using small tanks, which allowed to disperse heat without the necessity of refrigerating them, except for the initial juice-decanting that occurred by lowering down temperature using dry-ice. As a result, we obtained a complex, fine but also explicit Verdicchio which is deeply rooted into the traditional way of winemaking. Its great minerality and freshness results to be well balanced with a complex bouchée of flavors and aromas, where quince goes along other white and yellow pulp fruits’ hints. 1300 bottles produced. Check the following link to see the Titillo winemaking backstage.

As for future plans, we are going to renovate part of our buildings and open a  guest house facing our wineyards, while in the long therm we aim to reach 15000 bottles while expanding our cellar.  “  

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